Additional Resources

BrainMaster Knowledge Base – Published by Brainmaster Technologies, developer of our therapy system, the BrainMaster Knolwege Base provides a wealth of research articles and information.

EEG Info Research Library – A compilation of academic research of the efficacy of neurofeedback organized by condition. Textbook of Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, qEEG and Brain Self Regulation – Edited by Rob Kall and Joe Kamiya, this site provides information concerning the implementation of Neurofeedback in clinical settings.

AAPB & ISNR Neuro Connections Newsletter

Vert BrainMaster logoAbout the BrainMaster System

The Oxford Recovery Center utilizes industry-leading hardware and software developed by BrainMaster Technologies. BrainMaster provides clinical-grade hardware, software, and training for neurofeedback therapy.

Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians are fully trained in the BrainAvatar software and Discovery 24E hardware.

The Discovery 24E is a 24-channel EEG and DC amplifier that is an evolution of the technology used in the 2E and 2EA (Atlantis) series of EEG biofeedback devices. It is currently available for field testing. It is fully compatible with QEEG systems such as NeuroGuide , Loreta, SKIL , and WinEEG, and incorporates BrainMaster training capabilities including amplitude and connectivity training, including Live Z-Score training.

DISCOVERY 24E introduces the next generation of QEEG & EEG biofeedback in a high-quality, low-cost system answering the advanced needs of the practitioner and research communities. It incorporates 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback using technology based upon the continued evolution of the BrainMaster series of biofeedback monitors and trainers. The Discovery 24E incorporates low-noise DC-sensitive amplifiers, 24-bit analog-to-digital converters, an optically and magnetically isolated USB interface, and compatibility with a wide range of software. This system features 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback recording including: 22 channels connected to a standard electrode cap, plus 2 channels of differential inputs with separate references, useful for monitoring any of a wide range of EEG or related potentials. New impedance lid options and event trigger buttons now available!

Discovery Training software provides DC and Slow Cortical Potential Training for up to, to 24 channels of EEG. Supports one SKIN/EMG peripheral input for SCR, EMG, or respiratory effort biofeedback plus peripherals including TEMP, HEG, or HRV. Also provides 24 virtual channels that operate in parallel with the existing 24 channels of EEG Use all existing Uses flexible and powerful user controls, and provides the full range of feedback capabilities. All training can be done with any number of sensors with or without a cap in place, and the user can use of create any BrainMaster protocols for feedback training using 24 channels at present.

BrainAvatar® 4.0 Training software is optional, and provides up to 24 channels of signal processing and training. Combine conventional training using power and connectivity measures with z-score training. Live Z-Scores can be used with normative data, or with the new individualized Z-Builder approach. View 2-D and 3-D whole-head maps, plus our real-time. The optional LOP Live sLORETA Projector is capable of 30 frames per second of live EEG localization imaging, providing a live movie(32 frames/second) of brain activity, with a delay of only 30 milliseconds from brain to display. The LLP introduces true real-time brain electrical mapping, taking neurofeedback fully into the realm of imaging. Change or difference mapping allows you to see changes in your clients over seconds, minutes, months, or years.